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Quality Service – Satisfied Customer
Who are we?

Almost every student inevitably faces a total lack of time, a huge amount of unfinished work, for which there is no time or energy left. And a dilemma arises: to plan your working time by the minute, trying to squeeze out of yourself the limit of possibilities, or send essays, term papers, tests, essays to order, leaving the case to professionals. We are exactly the team of experts you need.

We are ready to write an essay, term paper, dissertation, abstract, and other student work inexpensively! Our company adheres to a loyal pricing policy, providing customers with lucrative bonuses and a flexible system of discounts. PersonalStatementWriter.net employees always comply with the deadline strictly since personal managers control the process of completing tasks.

We are ready to help and write an essay even when you need to complete the task in the shortest possible time. It will take authors only three hours a day to create a quality paper on the indicated topic. At the same time, the quality remains high, and the approach is diligent and thoughtful.

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What we do?

Our specialists carry out orders on any topic and discipline. We have been working for a very long time and have helped students write over 100,000 works. We wrote texts for almost every university in the country, and we know the standards and requirements for the design and writing of student papers. Our experts provide high-quality and unique texts of an abstract, essay, case studies, and other student works. The author has his deadline – a few days earlier than your deadline. In the remaining time, we check and recheck the work. For this reason, we will always get the paper done on time without mistakes.

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How do we choose writers?

The staff directly involved in writing works is formed exclusively from practising teachers, graduate students of various universities, candidates, and science doctors. As you can see, only professionals work with us. We make a rigorous selection of writers. Anyone who wants to become part of our team must pass a test of knowledge of their direction and a practical test of writing student papers.

Before admission to the team, we check the availability of educational diplomas from a potential writer. If everything is in a row with the documents, we allow the writer to verify the next stage. We give tests to check knowledge in the chosen speciality. Only on the condition that the writer has not made a mistake, we let him write the text in a limited amount of time. If the author has passed all our tests, we give him a trial period of one month, and only after the trial period, and we accept him into the team.

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Why should you contact us for academic writing?

Our team consists of experienced teachers who thoroughly know all the nuances of writing and designing student papers. Each author is also well acquainted with the plagiarism check systems used in modern universities. Therefore, we guarantee the high quality and uniqueness of all written texts. PersonalStatementWriter.net – fast solution to student problem:

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    Execution of an order in a matter of hours – 3-4 hours.
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    Convenient online payment by credit card.
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    100% quality guarantee – free edits until the teacher accepts the job.
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    Always in touch – service specialists will promptly answer questions, help you select an author, and guide you on the timing of the current order.

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