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A winning nursing personal statement (+examples)

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Writing a nursing personal statement is not what people do every day. And if you need to create a personal statement nursing document, you might find yourself stressing out and not knowing what to do.

Trust us, these worries are natural, and every person creating a nursing personal statement feels the same way. But you have a significant advantage: instead of trying to write an adult nursing personal statement from scratch and googling documentation requirements, you can simply get familiar with nursing personal statement samples and simplify your life.

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On this page, you will find a great personal statement nursing template written by our experts as an example. With its help, you can understand what the admission board might expect from you and how you can stand from other candidates even if there are thousands of them.

We guarantee that it is one of the best personal nursing mission statement examples you have ever seen!

Personal nursing mission statement examples

Now, when you know that creating a personal statement for nursing program requires much time and attention, let us share a nursing personal statement example. It is created by specialists, follows academic standards, and can be used to boost your confidence. Just read our personal statement for nursing and create one of your own.

Nursing is a career that is often underestimated. People think that it is time-consuming, hard, and is less rewarding than a regular 9 to 5 career. But when I am thinking that I can help others and make their lives better, I can’t come up with a better career. Becoming a nurse will help me to care about others and support them.

Nursing is not for everyone. A nurse should be a dedicated and reliable person who is able to build a trusting relationship with a patient. I possess these qualities, have empathy, and know that I can help patients and their families during the most difficult days of their lives.

The role of nurses is constantly changing, and today they are more involved in patients’ lives than they were before. This means that nurses have more responsibilities and need to devote all their time and energy to the profession. I am ready for such challenges.

At school, I participate in numerous extracurricular activities, which not only help me to gain new knowledge and proficiencies but also to develop such skills as communication, being a part of the group, and making fast decisions. 

Two times a week, I help students who have learning problems. We do homework together while I explain complex topics and hear them out. Very often, such children feel a lack of support, and apart from getting new skills, they need someone to talk to.

This activity is extremely rewarding, and when I see how much happier these students become after our meetings, I want to do more and more for them. And when their grades improve, I am usually the first they text or call to share the achievement. 

During the weekends, I volunteer for the Feed and Heal project. It is a charity organization that prepares meals for elderly people who live alone and don’t have anyone to help. After cleaning the tables, we play board games, perform, and invent other activities to entertain the people who come to us. 

For the last two years, I have been working as a waitress at a local restaurant. This job has helped me improve interpersonal skills, communicate with unfamiliar people without shyness, and find solutions quickly. I think that these skills are transferable and are extremely important for nurses. 

Last year, I also volunteered at the Day Care Center where I have learned more about the occupation, talked to other nurses, and gained a few valuable insights. Now I have a better understanding of what it is to work at a hospital, and my motivation and confidence have never been so strong.

But I am not planning to stop and, after obtaining an adult nursing degree, want to get one in helping children. I feel that nursing is my calling and can’t imagine myself in another occupation. My parents are very excited about my nursing personal statement because I am the first in the family to get higher education. I hope that I won’t let them down and will become a valuable community member.

A personal statement nursing document for you!

As you see, the core of your nursing personal statement is a genuine interest in helping others. And we are sure that you can find examples of your kindness in daily activities even if you lack proven related experience.

But if you feel that you can’t write a good personal statement nursing document, it is better to contact Especially if you love the chosen program and don’t want to study anywhere else with us, your personal nursing mission statement will shine, and your chances of being accepted will significantly increase.

When ordering a personal statement adult nursing document from us, you get 24/7 assistance from skilled personal statement writers. They have experience in writing a personal statement for nursing and know exactly what you need.

If our personal nursing mission statement examples are not enough, just send us a message and give your instructions. We will create a flawless personal statement for nursing specialists in a blink of an eye. We will also supply you with viable tips and guidelines on how to impress the board during an interview.

If you are a personal statement for nursing student, choose and don’t leave anything to chance.

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