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The importance of a neuroscience personal statement

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Neuroscience is the science that studies the nervous system. It is a complex discipline that requires the mastership of numerous skills and subjects and constant learning and improvement. Science is very dynamic, so if you have chosen this field, you will never be bored!

The first step to getting accepted to the college is writing a neuroscience personal statement. It is a document that reflects your personality and aspirations. A neuroscience personal statement undergraduate text also helps you to stand out from the rest and show what makes you different.

Sounds difficult, right? Fortunately, creating a good neuroscience personal statement is possible. You just need to know the common structure and rules and to possess enough time and dedication to making your neuroscience graduate school personal statement outstanding.

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On this page, you will find a neuroscience personal statement example. It follows the accepted structure and gives you valuable insights on creating a neuroscience PhD personal statement that everyone would love to read. Follow tips from our personal statement writing service, write your neuroscience personal statement undergraduate text, and you will surely succeed!

Neuroscience personal statement undergraduate example

There are many factors that define how your neuroscience personal statement should look like. For example, neuroscience personal statement might be different depending on the subject you want to concentrate on: psychology, behavior, pharmacology, brain functions, and so on. However, below you will find a common neuroscience personal statement undergraduate example that can be then changed depending on your preferences and goals.

The human brain is fascinating and never ceases to amaze me. We constantly witness scientific and neural discoveries that help us understand this organ better, improve the quality of lives, and answer eternal questions.

Neurology is a rather broad science, but I want to focus on the problem of dementia. With worldwide aging increases the number of people suffering from this disease. Unfortunately, my family has also been impacted by Alzheimer’s disease, and for many years I watched my granny’s condition worsen. It was a rather difficult experience, but at the same time, it made me interested in the mysteries of our brains. At that time, I realized that I wanted to study the brain.

For more than three years, I have been volunteering at a local charity organization that helps children with disabilities to find support, communicate, and adapt to the world. Volunteers are designated with children, one at a time, and need to spend time with them, talk, and create trusting bonds. At first, it seems rather scary because it takes time and effort to connect with a child. But after seeing the trust and happiness on their faces, all the worries disappear.

To deepen my knowledge in science, I have chosen Biology and Chemistry for the A-level. They helped me understand how our body works, what processes take place every second, and how nervous system movements impact everything that we think, feel, and do. I have also chosen Maths to improve my analytical and problem-solving skills. Plus, I’ve studied history to find out more about humanity and the changes it had to undergo.

During my free time, I love staying active. I am a captain of the school football team, and we regularly compete at state championships. Physical activity helps me to stay strong and energetic and to track how my brain develops. Being a captain also helps me to improve my communication, leadership, and team-building skills. 

Another passion of mine is raising funds for those in need. I have organized a sports event to raise money for cancer research. I also have a blog where I write about different volunteering projects and charity events in the state and share personal experiences and tips. 

I can’t stop being amazed at how limitless our brain is: we conquer space, heal ourselves solely with thoughts, and do other things that seemed to be impossible even 50 years ago. But what is more surprising is that we still don’t understand our brains. That is why I am writing this neuroscience personal statement. I want to obtain a Ph.D. degree in neuroscience and start a career to contribute to the field. And who knows, maybe to find ways to treat neurological diseases.

I know that there are hundreds or even thousands of candidates that dream of occupying this place. But I also know that I have the necessary skills, goals, and dedication to study neuroscience and become a member of your community. I will be waiting for your response and hoping that my dream of becoming a neuroscientist will come true one day.

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