The Guide On The HKUST Personal Statement Writing With Practical Tips

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Getting higher education abroad has always been a great option, but now it is more available than before. Young people from all over the world would consider different opportunities. One of the most attractive variants is the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, or, in short, HKUST. 

It is quite a young university, but it is already famous. Regularly, it enters the top-50 of the best universities worldwide (there are about 1500 different schools in that rating). The degrees obtained in HKUST are wanted and respected globally. No wonder students from all countries of the world now tend to choose the Eastern direction when planning their path to higher education. 

Is it complicated to become an HKUST student? Of course, it demands excellent knowledge – you need to score higher than 90% in the exams. On the other hand, you don’t need the SAT score, which can be a plus, especially for international students. And, of course, you will need to prepare the package of the required documents, including the HKUST personal statement. 

In fact, writing a personal statement is always a challenge. The document is of modest size, and it has to be both informative and exciting. If it is excellent, your chances of becoming a student of this university grow significantly. That’s why this article will reveal the secrets of writing the HKUST personal statement for your application. Ready? Let’s start. 

How to Explore the HKUST Undergraduate Personal Statement Sample Properly

On the official HKUST website, you will find a lot of information about the admission and application process. The question about personal statements is already there. The university claims that they don’t set any specific requirements for the contents of this document. The only limitation is the size – an HKUST personal statement sample must not exceed 4000 characters. 

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It is always helpful to have decent examples to understand how the right piece should look. Here you will find a collection of samples for your reference. To make the most of them, notice what you should pay attention to when analyzing the contents and the format. 

The first universal rule for writing any personal statement is, target it precisely. You need to decide which program you apply to and research its demands with care. In HKUST, there are five schools with different programs. 

  • School of Science focuses on fundamental disciplines, such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and AI. There are two specialized programs. The first one is Science (Group A). It focuses on physics and also includes an extended course on AI. The second program is Science (Group B) which targets chemistry. 
  • School of Engineering offers two specialized programs, Engineering and Engineering with an Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence. Students willing to research engineering and AI in-depth should apply to the second program. The contents cover such areas as aerospace, bioengineering, chemical engineering, computer engineering, etc.  
  • School of Business and Management explores foundational subjects related to business. There are joint-school programs, such as Biotechnology and Business, and interdisciplinary programs, like Environmental Management & Technology Program. 
  • School of Humanities and Social Science is famous as well. Despite the focus on technology, HKUST grants excellent education in humanities and social sciences with more than 15 academic disciplines. There are two programs – Global China Studies and Quantitative Social Analysis.
  • Interdisciplinary Programs Office (IPO) offers three programs – Technology and Management, Environmental Management and Technology, and Individualized Interdisciplinary Program. The graduates work successfully in banking and finance, NGOs, consultancy, etc. 

All these programs in all schools are available for students since the first year of study. You can apply first to the programs in one of the above-mentioned Schools and then enroll in the IPO programs. 

Thus, working on your personal statement for HKUST, choose the right program at once. The detailed information is provided on the official university website. 

Check the specificity of that program. After that, refer to the examples of the statements for that program. You should note what aspects the applicants stress and how they present the information about themselves. 

Of course, you should not use the samples or their fragments directly. They are the references showing how your original content should be organized and formatted. 

How to Write HKUST Personal Statement – The Manual With All Tips Explained

We know that the university does not set any specific requirements for this admission essay. There are some HKUST personal statement topics that you can use, though. On the website, you learn that the university wants to know about you – your strong points, passions, future goals, and every information that the student considers to be of interest to the admission board. 

What should you write in a personal statement of HKUST? This piece may be of any format, but it has strict goals. It explains to the board who you are, why you apply to this particular university, and why they should accept your application. 

A usual HKUST personal statement example matches the standard three-part essay structure. It has the introductory part, the main body, and the conclusion. Focus on the contents of each part.

  • Start with the basic information about yourself and your background. Some guidelines recommend using quotes, stories from the past, or even anecdotes. You may, but remember that origin stories with references to childhood are very commonplace in personal statements. Use them only if you are a very skilled writer. 
  • Tell them why you chose HKUST to apply. This section is essential, as it proves that you know well what this school can give you and which challenges you will face. The key is being specific. Name the specialists whom you’d like to work under, mention famous researches done in the university, etc. It all shows that you’re motivated. 
  • Describe which knowledge and past experience are your strengths. In this section, you should provide the relevant information only. You may be an all-around personality with plenty of interests and achievements in different areas. However, if they don’t relate to the chosen program directly, mentioning them will only consume the space that you might use better. 
  • Present your academic goals and relate them to your future plans. This information is demanded by the university. HKUST, like any famous school with an established brand name, wants its students to bring more fame and recognition to it. They want to be sure that you will contribute to the university’s high brand. 
  • Make a strong final to leave a positive impression. Summarize your relevant skills, achievements, and most obvious arguments showing your motivation. It will serve to show that you are the most suitable candidate to enroll in this university. 

In addition, it is worth noticing the things that you should avoid in this document. 

  • Don’t allow any errors in the text. Check and revise the piece you’ve composed several times. This personal statement must be flawless in grammar and spelling. 
  • Don’t plagiarize. If you use someone else’s words as quotes – mark them and format them according to the chosen style. Your application must be original and personal. 
  • Don’t provide any untrue information. Should the admission board reveal the lie, they lost any trust in a word of yours. You must refer to the facts and precise details telling about your experience. That information is easy to check. 
  • Don’t use technical jargon unless it is 100% necessary. Focus on your vocabulary to make the text concise and vivid, to make exciting reading. 

If you still find the task of composing this application too problematic, you may apply to the personal statement writing service. Such teams have the necessary skills and experience to prepare the necessary documents at the highest level. 

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It might seem that the personal statement requirements for HKUST are obvious, and it is easy to compose one. The main challenge is that you have to be an outstanding writer to prepare a winning personal statement. At this stage, it may depend on your being persuasive in your writing only. It is the primary reason why many students prefer to hire professional writers to assist them with their personal statements. 

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